To spread the love of Christ by providing quality healthcare to those in need.



Good Samaritan Health Center of Cobb Staff


Cyrl Kitchens, CEO

Erin Hiers, Operations Director

Kacie McDonnell, Stewardship Director

Gayle Nelson, Finance Director

Madeline Olson, Stewardship & Reporting Coordinator

Meagan Stanfill, Volunteer & Hospitality Manager

Cindy Bramasco, Front Office Administrator/Interpreter

Nanette Glover, Front Office Administrator

Karina Godniez, Front Office Administrator/Interpreter

Fani Bustos, Front Office Administrator/Interpreter



Dr. Stephen Hansard, Dental Director

Carol Griffin, Dental Hygienist

Kathy Kelly, Dental Hygienist

Juneia Hawkins, Dental Assistant

Maria Trejo, Dental Assistant



Jacqueline Negrete, Prescription Assistance Program Coordinator

Kari Sturgill, Dispensary Technician



Dr. Allan Purdie, Medical Director

Laura Bayani, Physician Assistant

Tracy Fossas-Burke, Physician Assistant

Vanessa Corvalan, Referrals Coordinator

Elaine Hendrix, Patient Liaison

Rima Lugo, Medical Assistant

Camila Pascual, Medical Assistant

Yadira Herrera, Medical Assistant

Vickie Vosberg Medical Assistant

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